What is LifEscozul

LifEscozul is a completely natural solution, without chemical preservative, derivated from components of the Blue Scorpion serum.

It is innocuous, meaning it causes no damages to the human organism; is taken by mouth.

Investigations have concluded that LifEscozul’s active ingredient can interact with components of the cellular membrane of malignant tumor cells and change it, causing destruction of the cell.


LifEscozul as final product is composed of:

  • Peptides of animal origin
  • Distilled water

Physical characteristics

The serum of the blue scorpion, in its pure state, is white and thick with a slight smell of seafood.

Once the drop of serum falls in the distilled water during the extraction process to form the stock solution, the serum mostly dissolves in water resulting in a clear, odorless, colorless and tasteless solution where, to the light, you can see small particles in suspension.

Being a proteins solution in high concentration, containing no chemical preservative, it decomposes when exposed to increases in temperature, acquires an unpleasant odor and changes its color to greenish-yellow.


For shipment, LifEscozul is packaged in plastic bottles of 30ml. It is shipped in Styrofoam mini coolers, with refrigerant gels, in order to maintain the temperature at optimum levels.

When to use

LifEscozul is primarily indicated to neoplastic patients as a complementary treatment to help improve quality of life and control the disease. It has shown to be effective only against solid tumors. LifEscozul is not a vaccine; it is only effective while taken, so it is not used as a preventative. To know if LifEscozul can be used in your case, please contact us.

How to Use

The dose and concentration of LifEscozul to be taken varies from one person to another. The amount and concentration prescribed depend on the analysis of the case.

It is important to know that the only way of administration proven to be safe (causing no damage in the organism) is by mouth.

LifEscozul is administered by mouth dissolved in water to facilitate distribution and absorption in the body. It is taken four times a day, separated from food, drinks and other products.

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